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PCA to Celebrate 20th Anniversary Feb. 17, 2017

PCA 20th Anniversary

Providence Christian Academy will celebrate its 20th Anniversary on Friday, February 17, 2017 at 8:00am in the PCA gymnasium. The program will last from 8am- 9am and will include local church leaders, faculty members, parents, and alumni. PCA families and friends are invited to attend the celebration.  All guests will be invited to attend a reception following the program.

Those planning to attend the 20th Anniversary Celebration are asked to RSVP by emailing

More About PCA:

PCA was founded in 1996 as an academically advanced, inter-denominational classical Christian school. PCA’s mission is to teach students to seek God’s truth and equip them with the tools for a lifetime of learning. There are currently more than 375 students enrolled in Pre-K – 12th grade.

PCA has grown significantly since it was founded. When PCA was founded in 1996, the school met in local churches. In 1997, ten acres of land and a horse stable were donated by the Northsprings Development Group.  PCA remodeled the horse stable and the remodeled stable served as the original school building.

In 2004, PCA completed construction on a building addition that became the first of two building projects in the school’s history. In September 2013, PCA began construction on its second building project. The second building project included removing the original remodeled horse barn and constructing two new buildings which added more than 42,000 square feet to the existing school building.  The second building project was completed in July 2014.

With the new buildings, PCA now has space for growth in Pre-K through high school. The added buildings provide separate, defined areas within the school for elementary, middle and high school students.   In order to visually reinforce PCA’s commitment to the classical model of education, separate hallways within PCA are labeled as School of Grammar, School of Logic, and School of Rhetoric.

The newer building located in the front of the campus now serves as the main entrance for the school and houses all School of Grammar elementary classes. This building features skylights in the entrance, an enclosed elementary courtyard, and cheerful, light-filled classrooms, all designed to provide a welcoming and caring learning environment for students.

The newer building at the back of the campus includes a multi-purpose room with lunch serving area, boys’ and girls’ home and away locker rooms, a weight room, two music classrooms, two art classrooms, and a kiln room.

PCA is founded on three pillars that include: Christian Worldview, Classical Education and Parental Involvement. PCA offers a low student to teacher ratio for students in PreK through 12th grade. Students begin Latin instruction in 3rd grade and Bible instruction is integrated into the curriculum at all grade levels.

PCA provides regular opportunities for students to experience the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit on campus through weekly chapels and worship, weekly community prayer time, a prayer group for parents, scripture memorization, advisory programming, annual service programming, daily faculty devotion, daily student devotions, Bible classes, daily prayer at dismissal, and more.

Classical Education at PCA includes the early years of school in the Grammar stage, focused on absorbing facts, systematically laying the foundations for advanced study. In the middle school Logic stage, students learn how to think through arguments. The high school years culminate in the Rhetoric stage with students learning to express what they believe and why they believe it. PCA currently has a 100% college acceptance rate for graduating seniors and on average, PCA students test in the top 20% nationwide on the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT).

With parental involvement as one of the pillars of the school, parents are actively involved and engaged in classroom activities and school events. In addition to an active parent body, all students are encouraged to serve the community through participating in service projects at every grade level.

PCA is a member of TSSAA for all High School sports and MTAC for Middle School sports. Athletic opportunities include twelve sports and a total of twenty teams. PCA has won multiple Middle School and High School athletic championships. Additionally, two PCA students have been awarded college athletic scholarships.

PCA is a non-profit classical Christian school that is founded on the sacrificial gifts of families and supporters. It is these sacrifices that have played a critical role in the growth and development of the school. School leaders believe that God’s ongoing provision will ensure that Providence Christian Academy continues to teach students to seek God’s truth and equip them with the tools for a lifetime of learning for many years to come.

Providence Christian Academy is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year. Due to the a low student to teacher ratio, classes can fill quickly. Families interested in learning more may call the PCA office at (615) 904-0902 or visit PCA Admissions.