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What Should I Be Doing Now?

You may be wondering what you should be doing right now in order to prepare for college.  Whether you are a freshman, a senior, or somewhere in between, you are at a particular point on your college admissions timeline.  There are a set of tasks that you can accomplish each year to prepare yourself for the following year.  Below I have listed a few key priorities for this fall semester that can help prepare you for college.

Fall 2022

9th Grade:

  • Begin working on Scoir profile (We will work on this as a group)
  • Explore and engage in extracurricular activities
  • Create an activity log to track your extracurricular activities, summer experiences, honors, and achievements
  • Plan a visit to a college you are interested in
  • Take the PSAT – School Day at PCA on October 25th
  • Meet with Dr. Horton to begin building a relationship
  • Athletes: Become familiar with NCAA and NAIA recruiting requirements

10th Grade: 

  • Continue to be involved in non-academic extracurricular activities and take on a leadership role; Try something new outside of your comfort zone
  • Update activity log
  • Challenge yourself academically by trying a dual enrollment course
  • Focus on keeping grades up
  • Complete YouScience Assessment in Scoir (We will work on this as a group)
  • Take the PSAT – School Day at PCA October 25th
  • Attend college fairs and lunch visits
  • Plan a visit or two to a college you are interested in
  • Explore college majors and careers
  • Meet with Dr. Horton 
  • Athletes: If you are considering playing your sport collegiately, register with the NCAA and/or NAIA Eligibility Centers

11th Grade:

  • Attend local college fairs and college lunch visits
  • Update activity log; begin creating a resume
  • Explore colleges in Scoir
  • Start creating a list of colleges based on your preferences in Scoir 
  • Keep your grades up; Your junior year grades are the last ones schools will prior to making their admissions decisions
  • Continue to challenge yourself academically by taking a dual enrollment course
  • Take PSAT/NSMQT on October 25th at PCA; This test qualifies you for the National Merit Scholarship
  • Meet with Dr. Horton
  • Athletics: Complete online athletic recruitment forms; make a highlight video

12th Grade:

  • Confirm final college list, admissions requirements, and deadlines
  • Take final round of college visits
  • Check back in with recommendation writers
  • Meet with Dr. Horton
  • Apply no later than early action deadlines which are typically around Nov. 1st (every college is different so be sure to know your college admissions deadlines)
  • Complete transcript request form
  • Apply for institutional scholarships as well as outside scholarships
  • Send test scores to colleges if not applying test-optional
  • Wait for admissions decision
  • Parents: Start preparing financial aid paperwork