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HELP! My child is struggling with______!

We’ve all been there! And if you’re not there yet, it’s coming! It’s a hard time to be a teenager and in a sense we are pioneer parenting this generation! Never before have children had access to technology since birth, could they navigate a smartphone from the age of two, and have access at their fingertips to everything and anything the world has to offer! If you haven’t been stumped by something your child is struggling with, hold tight, it’s coming! 

As much as we try to preserve childhood, we also must help train and prepare our children for the world they are entering. Having tools in our parenting toolbelt is essential! There are plenty of books on Christian parenting and just about any pain point you might experience in your home, but there is also a one stop shop to gain parenting support, knowledge on current trends and an action plan to walk out the attacks our children are facing today with grace and wisdom. 

Introducing AXIS!!! And YOU have a FREE membership as a PCA parent!

Axis is full of relevant resources to help you have better conversations with your kids and will help equip you to navigate conversations around today’s issues. The weekly Axis newsletter, The Cultural Translator, is full of current research on our culture to help you stay up to date on the music, movies, TV shows, and social media trends impacting your kid’s world! 

In a time where there is more competition than ever before for our time and attention, let’s make a mark as parents who are in touch with the needs of our kids in these unprecedented times. 

Click the link below to become a member of the AXIS community and let’s go on this journey together! 

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