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Logic Lunch Groups

I recently had the privilege of going into all the study halls to talk with the logic students.While I was there I shared with them about lunch groups and gave them the ability to sign up for any they might be interested in. There was a great response and the 5 groups with the largest sign-ups started last week.  The topics being covered are:

HOPS (Homework, Organization, Planning, and Studying) which discusses and supports academic success.

Managing My Emotions which addresses how to handle all of our emotions in a healthy, constructive manner, as well as how to communicate them effectively with others when needed.

Overcoming Anxiety which discusses strategies that students who struggle with anxious feelings can utilize so they have multiple tools in their toolbox to draw from when those thoughts and feelings come.

Girls Only which discusses healthy friendships, self-esteem, leadership, body image, family relationships, feelings/emotions, stress, communication skills, growth-mindset, and more.

Leveling Up which helps students form goals for where they want to be in multiple avenues in their lives so they can take steps to reach them and “level up”.

Groups will meet once a week during lunch and are great opportunities for students to connect with others.  Students who have participated in a group in the past have said they found it beneficial to discuss topics with others that have similar experiences. Groups focused on other topics will be added as the year progresses.  I’m excited to help support the logic students in this way and believe it will be a fun, engaging, growth opportunity for all involved.