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Is Social Media Neutral?

We all have our opinions about social media, the impact it is having on our kids and teens, and even in our adult lives. We are now beginning to see the research on brain development, sleep health and the lifelong impacts of screen time on this generation and it’s not pretty! But, we live in a digital world and our teens need to navigate this world well. So here we are, pioneer parenting in this generation. The folks at Axis have much to say about this! 

For basically all of time, parents have taught children how to do things properly—things
like building fires, saddling horses, baking bread, plowing fields, or, more recently, making
phone calls, answering the door, and driving cars. But over the last few decades, this
natural order has been upended, thanks to our immense technological advancements.
Now, it’s the children who show parents how to send text messages, post on Facebook,
use Snapchat filters, and make TikTok videos. As technology continues to advance
rapidly, children adapt and learn while parents struggle to keep up…..

What do teens think about their social media use? So is it neutral? Does it depend only on how a person uses it?

For answers to these questions, and a Parent’s Guide to Social Media, check out this Axis Resource