PCA News


I wanted to take a moment to introduce our college planning system called Scoir.  Scoir will be used to help students navigate the college selection and application process to discover colleges that match their personal as well as academic interests.  

Every student will have access to Scoir where they will build a profile detailing their academic overview, extracurricular activities, achievements, and a personal bio.  This will make it easier to transfer information over to college applications when it comes time to apply.  Scoir even has a resume template to utilize when needed.  Each student can complete preferences to search for and start building a list of colleges that interests them.  Students can even take virtual tours and use the college comparison tool to explore each campus.  To keep track of the colleges of interest, students can follow them and add them to their ‘My Colleges’ list.  Parents/guardians will also have access to Scoir to assist in their child’s college selection and to gain more insight about the cost of attendance at different colleges.  In addition, students will learn their top aptitudes and suggested career paths by completing the YouScience assessment within Scoir.  

Students will be required to use Scoir to request the sending of academic transcripts.  Scoir will also be used to communicate with students during the college planning process and to electronically deliver application materials to colleges.  Once students have their initial Scoir introduction meeting with me, they will receive an email invitation from Scoir to create an account. 

I am excited we are able to provide Scoir to our students and families and feel confident that it will be helpful and easy to use.