Christian Worldview

We provide a biblically-based education that teaches students to utilize the scriptures as a lens through which to view the world.  This commitment to a biblical worldview is exhibited in our hiring practices, as we seek to hire not only the most talented and qualified personnel, but those that possess an active and dynamic walk with the Lord.  It is also apparent in our curriculum and instructional practices, as biblical integration is an essential component of our program, across all grade levels and academic disciplines.  Further, through intentional programming, we provide regular opportunities for our students to experience the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit on our campus.  This takes many forms – weekly chapels and worship, weekly community prayer time, a prayer group for parents, scripture memorization, advisory programming, grade-level service projects, annual service programming, daily faculty devotion, daily student devotions, Bible classes, daily prayer at dismissal, and so many more.  Quite simply put, the commitment to a Christian worldview is unassumingly pervasive in our community – it influences everything that we do.  It is our ultimate goal to help that become a reality for each and every one of our students.