School Counseling

The Providence Christian Academy counseling team is committed to helping students develop their God given potential academically, behaviorally, emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

The Counseling Department at Providence Christian Academy partners with the PCA faculty, administration, and parent community to ensure that each student is supported academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually during his/her experience at PCA. It is our desire to address the needs of all students by providing a safe counseling environment and resources that will assist students and families beyond the school day. Individual and/or group support, college and career counseling, and parent education are coordinated through this department. Please visit the Counseling Corner for weekly updates from your PCA School Counselors! 

Counseling Corner Newsletters

  • What is the Best Fit for Me?

    When it comes to deciding where you would like to continue your academic journey, there are so many factors to consider!   Decide what is most important to you in a college experience, along with your long term goals and how college will play a part in achieving those goals.  By exploring college websites, taking college…

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  • HELP! My child is struggling with______!

    We’ve all been there! And if you’re not there yet, it’s coming! It’s a hard time to be a teenager and in a sense we are pioneer parenting this generation! Never before have children had access to technology since birth, could they navigate a smartphone from the age of two, and have access at their…

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  • How to Help Your Logic Student Build Friendships

    The middle school years are some of the toughest.  They are awkward years of trying to find your place and often feeling uncomfortable in your own skin since there are so many changes.  This also begins a time in your child’s life where the way their peers view them matters more than their family.  In…

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  • Is Breathing Overrated?

    Why taking a deep breath will only take you so far There is something about the shift after Labor Day making it feel as if summer has said adieu. SEC football is here, the novelty of a new school year has worn off, and routine is a reality. Is anybody struggling? Maybe you have a…

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