Our Curriculum

Providence Christian Academy curriculum integrates subjects including literature, history, language, art, math, and science. Students read the great works of Western literature and philosophy. Instruction in Classical languages (specifically Latin) helps students understand and think with greater depth about the world around them.  In the later stages of Classical education, instruction in formal logic and rhetoric helps students become great leaders and communicators. Classical teaching methods range from class lectures, to debates, to Socratic (discussion-oriented) teaching. Independent learning skills are sharpened at all grade levels.

What makes classical Christian education so effective? First, it is based on what has been called the Trivium. No matter how your child learns, he or she goes through three phases. In grades K-5, students are excellent at memorizing. In grades 6-8, students become more argument-oriented. They are ready to be taught logic and critical thinking. In grades 9-12, students become independent thinkers and communicators particularly concerned with their appearance to others. To this end, classical education teaches them “rhetoric,” the art of speaking, communicating, and writing.

Each year, PCA students score well above the national average on the Stanford Achievement Test.  The Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) is a nationally recognized test used by educators across the United States. As a norm-referenced test, the SAT provides comparisons based on nationwide test results.

We are blessed to have a hard-working and dedicated team of teachers, administrators and support staff who continuously invest themselves in each of our students.

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