School of Logic

As students progress to the logic stage (6th-8th grades), they learn to evaluate the basic knowledge they have acquired in each content area – focusing on critical and analytical thinking. In addition, a formal logic class is taught at this level, the stage when the tools of logic, discussion and debate are highly utilized. All of this is done in an effort to prepare students for the Rhetoric Stage of the Classical Model.  As students  transition to the rhetoric stage, during the high school years, they focus on the development of communication skills in both spoken and written form through analytical writing, the study of classical rhetoric, presentations, debates, graded harkness discussions, and much more. They continue the study of all core disciplines in an academically rigorous, college preparatory context that prepares them not only for college admission, but college success in the 21st century. Our graduates are creative, adept in communication, collaborators, critical thinkers, culturally conscious men and women of integrity, and most importantly, followers of Christ.