School of Logic

As students progress to the logic stage (6 th -8 th grades), they learn to evaluate the basic knowledge they have acquired in each content area – focusing on critical and analytical thinking. They are asking the big “how” and “why” questions as they desire to understand the world and their role in it. We strive to help them see their purpose in Christ, and His active role, not only in their lives, but in all things. An informal logic class, focused on fallacies, is taught at this level, the stage when the tools of logic, discussion and debate are highly utilized. Bible training continues, including the steps of exegesis, which they apply to scripture, and other areas of study. Students also begin a more in depth study of Latin to increase their understanding of language, and God’s role as the God Who speaks. Positions for leadership are presented to them in the School of Logic, through the LogicSenate (student government), and Junior Beta Club. In addition, at this stage there is a broadening of Fine Arts studies, offering Band, Performing Arts, Chorus, Theater, and Visual Arts, along with an expansion of athletic opportunities.