Uniform Information

The PCA Uniform Policy is integral to the positive learning atmosphere of the school. We encourage parents to ensure their child’s compliance. Students should dress in a way to protect the learning environment.

PCA Uniform Policy (PDF)

** Please note- Lands’ End is the only approved uniform vendor.  All new logo or plaid uniform items should be purchased through Lands’ End. Lands End has currently reported a delay on several items, see the information provided below. **

** Approved Chapel shoes will be limited to the following styles: ballet flats, loafers, saddle shoes, Mary Janes, Birkenstock Closed Toe Shoes, Clark Wallabee, Merrell Jungle Moc, or Sperry Boat Shoe. All chapel shoes should be either: brown, black, cordovan, or navy.  No open toe shoes, sandals, clogs, boots, or tennis shoes may be worn on Chapel days.  To view sample styles of approved Chapel shoes, click here: Approved Chapel Shoe Styles.

Contact information and online ordering links are below:

Lands’ End School Uniforms

Lands’ End School Uniforms Online Order Link
Phone: (800) 469-2222
PCA School Number: 900056342
Lands’ End Fit Guide

Lands’ End Promotional Offers
Lands’ End offers promotions and sales throughout the school year.  To sign up to receive updates on Lands’ End promotions, simply follow this link: Register to Receive Lands’ End Promotional Offers

Lands’ End School


Just like many other well-known retailers, Lands’ End is experiencing delays in product deliveries from key vendors due to challenges in the global supply chain. The continuing impacts of Covid have led to backups both internationally and domestically, the reasons for which include:

A continuing global shortage of vessels and air-freight capacity due to the initial reduction in orders. A global worker shortage impacting shipping and ports, caused in part by continuing Covid outbreaks. Rail congestion at major freight hubs within North America. Increasing demand for consumer goods as the economy recovers. Higher-than-anticipated demand causing delays on our embroidery production floor. We are working diligently with our suppliers to expedite late deliveries, and we will continue to replenish our inventory as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience to schools and families, and we sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.
As always, our hard-working customer service team is available to your families Monday-Friday, 7am-11pm. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. We appreciate your assistance in making the shopping experience for your school families as convenient as possible.
Regional Sales & Business Development Manager | Lands’ End School