Mission and Service

Independent Community Service Program

The mission of Providence Christian Academy is to teach students to seek God’s truth and to equip them with the tools for a lifetime of learning. We believe that serving our community in the name of Christ is an integral part of accomplishing this mission.

In addition to the service projects students complete in each grade throughout their academic life at PCA, Rhetoric School students are required to complete 20 hours of individual service each school year (June 1-May 31). Of the 20 total hours, at least 10 of the hours must be completed with an organization in our community. The remaining 10 hours can be accomplished by serving here at PCA or in their church. This is important because we do not only want to be the hands and feet of Christ in our school and church but out in our community as well.

One of the goals of the service hours is that students become comfortable and confident in seeking out opportunities to serve in our community. Therefore, it is up to the individual student and his or her family to arrange and implement service activities. If students need ideas of where to serve in the community, a booklet of numerous volunteer opportunities is in school counselor’s office or you can visit Volunteer Rutherford.

Students need to log their hours in two ways:

First, each student will log their hours in their RenWeb account located under the family tab. Select the student in the drop down menu and add community service hours there.  This allows students to track all volunteer hours personally.

In addition to logging the hours in RenWeb, students will need to complete an Independent Community Service Form. This form must be signed by a supervising adult associated with the organization where the service was completed. These records can be submitted and will be added to their community service file. Hours will not be calculated unless these forms are handed in. Students logging 150 hours or more of documented community service over the four years of high school will be recognized at graduation with a green service cord.

A student who fails to complete the 20 hours of required service by May 31st will need to make up the delinquent hours the following year. Seniors must complete their log and report their hours by May 15th. Should any senior fail to complete the required number of service hours, he or she will be permitted to receive his or her final transcript once delinquent hours are completed.

Please contact Mrs. Capurso with questions.