Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds

PCA has  several different scholarship funds available. Each scholarship is equally important and has the potential to significantly impact a PCA student.

Carlton Faculty Scholarship Fund

The Carlton Faculty Scholarship Fund is named after Ms. Lisa Carlton, a pioneer administrator at PCA and developer of our original Faculty Scholarship Fund. The Carlton Scholarship Fund is vital to our financial aid program. The monies collected for this fund help offset the cost of tuition assistance. It is these gifts that allow us to offer tuition assistance to deserving families. This is the fund in which many members of PCA faculty and staff donate generously to help students attend our school.

Hallee Cartwright Scholarship Fund

The Hallee Cartwright Scholarship Fund is awarded each year to one student of any grade level.   This fund was created to honor Hallee Cartwright, a seventh grade student who suddenly passed away after a brief illness. Through this scholarship, her legacy and the impact she made on our students will live on forever.

Hannah McKnight Scholarship Fund

The Hannah McKnight scholarship was announced in May, 2010 during PCA’s first high school graduation ceremony.  The scholarship has been created in honor of Hannah McKnight who was the first student to complete consecutive grades from kindergarten through her senior year at Providence Christian Academy. This scholarship specifically provides for returning high school students with a financial need.  Students must reapply each spring for the following school year.

Lori A. Thomas Scholarship Fund

The Lori A. Thomas Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Lori Thomas for her thirteen years of faithful and dedicated service to Providence Christian Academy. This scholarship is reserved for minority students entering 1st-12th grade and is based upon financial need. Students must reapply each spring for funds for the following school year.