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Can You Hear the Quiet?

“The devil has made it his business to monopolize on three elements: noise, hurry, crowds. He will not allow quietness.”  – Elisabeth Elliot

It’s the same season that comes around this time of year without surprise. What also seems to be of no surprise is the reaction to the holidays by some. Rushing to finish details, stress about gift giving, obligatory parties, pressures to continue traditions that may no longer serve a family well, and in some cases, frenetic music in the name of Christmas tunes can add to an amplified shopping experience. Oh Holy Night could easily be replaced with noise, hurry, and crowds as renowned missionary, teacher, and author Elisabeth Elliot laments the three areas easily hijacked at any time of year. What will you do to intentionally be present with your family this season? Or a better question is, what will you not do? 

Full disclosure, my family just celebrated our first Thanksgiving dinner with chili and cornbread (I may have worn sweats to the dinner table). The backstory is our family usually dresses for this holiday, will often set a proper table, and we enjoy way too many food selections and desserts filled with laughter, extended family, and distended bellies. The departure this year was intentional, and it served us well for this time of life. It brought rest and simplicity with different kinds of memories. Laughter still ensued; it was just more “unplugged.”

This season, consider the elegance in slowing down your pace. It is counter cultural to be still and quiet. Noise (and I don’t mean white, pink, and brown noise that can be relaxing to the brain) could drown out the very words you need to hear. Allow the Holy Spirit to give to you the gift of time with Him so you can give your full self to others. So listen to the quiet; what is it saying?