Mission Statement

Athletics Mission Statement

“Winning isn’t worthwhile unless one has something finer and nobler behind it.” –Alonzo Stagg

Providence Christian Academy Athletics recognizes the finer and nobler pursuits in our three pillars and core values. Upon this foundation and within this framework is our philosophy of competition, statement of purpose, and expectations of our student-athletes, coaches and fans.

Three Pillars for Athletics

  • Worship:  In His name we play. Colossians 3:17
  • Worthy:  In how we play we will always honor and please God. Colossians 1:10
  • Witness: Through how we play, we will shine His light. Matthew 5:16

Athletics Core Values

  • Play Like a Champion: 2 Timothy 2:5
  • Sacrifice: 2 Samuel 24:24
  • Recognize Christ in victory and defeat: Philippians 4:13
  • In God is the victory: 1 Timothy 4:8
  • Be a worthy teammate: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12