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Ellen Showalter

Because of the theology classes, life lessons, and the loving guidance of teachers I had during my time at PCA, I have been able to stand firm in my faith. Bible verses (especially Numbers 6: 24-26) spoken daily at PCA still run through my head even as I’m galloping horses at full speed. I moved to England in March of 2023 and am riding racehorses for Andrew Balding, one of the top trainers in Europe. I was originally scheduled to be here for six months and then go back to America, but as soon as I set foot in England I absolutely fell in love with it. God has been good and has given me the opportunity to stay in England for an extra year and continue working. God has transformed my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine. He has blessed me by allowing my passion to be my job and I pray the people around me can see the joy of the Lord through me.