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Maddie Eaglen

PCA taught me how to seek the Lord and allow Him to direct my path. At PCA, I found and experienced a community that served as a standard for life outside of PCA. I learned what I was passionate about and was given the tools to take those skills and knowledge and run with them! PCA truly gave me the skills I needed, both spiritually and academically, to transform dreams into reality outside of its walls. I moved to Texas in 2022 and started working as a doula to support moms in labor. I also work as a birth assistant where I get to use a lot of my nursing skills in an out-of-hospital setting. I have the best community of like-minded believers and just finished my third summer at Beloved and Beyond. I nanny for the sweetest family with a little girl who has special needs and the Lord is teaching me so much about Himself through her. I’m thriving in Texas and love life!