PCA News

Shane and Ashley

There are so many things that we love about PCA! We are so grateful that our boys are benefiting from a Christ-centered classical education and that prayer is an important part of every event and activity at PCA from Parent/Teacher Conferences to Field Day. We’re also grateful for the true partnership with the faculty & staff in the academic and spiritual development of our boys. The faculty is fully invested in not only their academic growth but also in their spiritual growth into Godly men.

Another thing that we love about PCA is that it serves students from PreK-12th grade. The relationships between the Upper School and Lower School students through programs like the ‘Adopt a Senior’ and ‘Reading Buddies’ creates a special sense of community among the students and families. In Upper School, we love the Advisory groups and that each student has a specific faculty Advisor who is closely partnered with students and parents. In Lower School, we love the special activities that reinforce what they are learning including, STEM Lab, History Fair, and Entrepreneur Fair. PCA truly offers a unique and special educational experience.