Uniform Policy

PCA is a workplace for students and teachers. Students should dress in a way to demonstrate respect for their school. Attire should be neat with all shirts tucked in shoes tied, no holes or tears in clothing. Improperly sized clothing or clingy-type fabrics are not allowed. Judgment of immodest clothing is an administrative decision. Outlandish or distracting clothing or appearance will not be allowed.

The PCA uniform policy is integral to the positive learning atmosphere of the school. Continual questioning of the purposes and rules creates an attitude of rebellion, which is counterproductive. We encourage parents to ensure their child’s compliance.

** Please note- Any logo or plaid uniform item must be purchased through Parker School Uniforms. **

PCA Uniform Policy 2017-18 (PDF)

PCA approved uniforms should be purchased from Land’s End or Parker Uniforms.  Contact information and an online ordering links are below.


Land’s End School Uniforms

Land’s End School Uniforms Online Order Link
Phone: (800) 963-4816
PCA School Number: 900056342


Parker School Uniforms:

Parker Uniforms Online Order Link

Parker Uniforms store address:
Parker School Uniforms
PCA Parker Rep- Tracey Humphreys
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
Phone: (615) 376-6003