Our mission is to teach students to seek God’s truth and equip them with the tools for a lifetime of learning.

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Welcome to Providence Christian Academy!

Welcome to Providence Christian Academy. We are an inter-denominational Pre-K – 12th grade school located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Providence Christian Academy offers a classical education with a Christian worldview and parental involvement. As our mission statement says, “We are teaching students to seek God’s truth and equipping them with the tools for a lifetime of learning.” We are fully accredited by ACSI, the Association of Christian Schools International, and by AdvancED.



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Scott and Tammy

Gratefully, PCA has been a part of the life of our family for the past 10 years.  We feel our three boys’ ongoing enrollment in PCA is a mutual investment.  We have been consistently blessed by the school’s devotion to investing in our children, on many levels.  As a result of their passion for leading… READ MORE


Hannah M.

The reason I love PCA is because you learn about Jesus, history and everything in between.


Kevin Mayfield

7th Grade World History & Latin; 8th Grade World History

PCA is a place where ideas can be shared, discussed, and debated, with others who do not condemn, judge, or criticize.  PCA students act out of a sense of truth and goodness.  They strive to do what is right, and apply themselves diligently to the academic and extra-curricular pursuits.


Madeleine Lukasick

Class of 2016

“I have never been in an environment quite like PCA. When your teachers truly love you and the subject they teach, they impart more knowledge than any textbook could. I have become a person who cannot let a day go by without wanting to learn something new, and that is all due to the Classical… READ MORE

Did you know this year at Providence....

  • average ACT score 25
  • 235 Community Service
    PROJECTS completed
  • 12 Sports Varsity and JV Programs